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Reasons To Go For High Volume Staffing 

Staffing agencies play an important role in connecting businesses with qualified job seekers. There are different types of staffing agencies that offer various services depending on a company’s hiring needs. One type is a high-volume staffing agency which can help businesses fill a large number of positions quickly. This blog post will discuss 5 key reasons why businesses may want to consider working with a high volume staffingagency.

1.   Fill many jobs fast

High-volume staffing agencies are geared towards filling multiple job openings in a short period of time. They have large pools of pre-screened candidates in different skill levels and industries that they can quickly draw from. This allows them to send many qualified applicants to businesses for consideration within days rather than weeks. For companies that need to hire dozens or even hundreds of people all at once, a high-volume agency can help speed up the hiring process significantly.

Rather than a business having to post jobs, review resumes, conduct interviews and make offers on their own for a large number of roles, they can work with an agency that specializes in efficiently handling high volumes. The agency acts as an extension of the hiring team by prescreening candidates, conducting initial interviews, performing skills assessments and only forwarding the most qualified ones. This streamlines the process and allows a business to fill positions en masse more rapidly.

2.   Access to a wide range of candidates

For any business, finding and attracting qualified candidates is a key challenge in the hiring process. However, relying solely on internal resources and networks limits the potential candidate pool significantly. This is where partnering with a high-volume staffing agency proves advantageous, as they maintain extensive databases with profiles of job seekers from diverse backgrounds.

By specializing exclusively in recruitment and placements, staffing agencies invest heavily in proactively building large pools of candidates over many years of operation. They source applicants through various channels such as job boards, career fairs, partnerships with educational institutions, and other talent acquisition methods. As a result, agencies have access to candidate pools that are orders of magnitude larger than what any single company could achieve alone. The scale and diversity of candidates within an agency’s database—spanning multiple locations, industries, experience levels and skills—increases the chances of finding the right match even for niche roles. Businesses gain exposure to qualified individuals they may have otherwise overlooked through their own limited sources. Agencies also continuously recruit new candidates to join their pools, ensuring up-to-date options are always available

3.   Reduce workload and free up internal resources

By outsourcing the hiring process, businesses are able to avoid pulling existing employees away from their day-to-day responsibilities to focus solely on recruitment. This ensures their regular operations are not disrupted and productivity remains high. The staffing agency’s recruiters, who specialize in efficient candidate sourcing and screening, can work flexible hours including nights and weekends to find candidates. This allows businesses to expand their hiring search and consider applicants that might not have been reachable through normal 9-5 recruiting hours.

Agencies also have advanced applicant tracking systems that streamline things like scheduling interviews, communicating with candidates, and tracking application status. This level of specialized technology and infrastructure would be costly for most businesses to set up and maintain themselves for short-term hiring surges. By partnering with an agency, they gain access to robust hiring management systems without the associated expenses. This further reduces internal workload by automating routine recruiting administration tasks.

4. Access talent market insights and data

Staffing agencies have dedicated research teams that closely track labor market data points like unemployment rates, new job postings, in-demand skills and average salaries across different roles and locations. Through the thousands of placements they facilitate each year, they also gather rich first-hand insights into candidate behaviors – what motivates people to change jobs, which companies or positions are most attractive, how long it typically takes to fill specific roles, and more. All of this intelligence is compiled and analyzed to give agencies a real-time pulse on shifting talent trends.

Businesses looking to hire at scale can tap into an agency’s market research databases to source benchmark reports, industry hiring projections, compensation surveys and skills gap analyses. This data-driven market understanding helps identify the most strategic locations to recruit from, the roles with the shortest time-to-fill, and the experience levels and skills that are in highest demand. It also ensures businesses stay competitive with their pay packages to attract top candidates amidst high competition for talent. The insights minimize time spent researching the market separately and allow businesses to focus on other strategic priorities while benefiting from the agency’s institutional knowledge. The data access serves as a valuable recruiting support function for businesses facing significant hiring needs.

5. Reduce hiring risks

When filling many positions simultaneously, there is a higher risk of making mistakes like hiring someone unqualified or a bad cultural fit. High volume staffing agencies help mitigate such risks through their rigorous upfront screening and assessment of candidates. They verify candidate qualifications, work histories, skills and references more thoroughly than what many businesses can do themselves for a large volume of hires. Agencies also have standardized processes and experienced recruiters trained to identify red flags or inconsistencies. This level of screening reduces the chances of a new hire not working out down the line.

The thorough screening process that staffing agencies use helps ensure that only the most qualified candidates are presented to hiring managers. By vetting candidates upfront and weeding out any applicants that do not meet the job requirements or would not be a good fit culturally, agencies save businesses time and effort. Rather than sifting through dozens or even hundreds of resumes themselves, companies that work with staffing partners can have pre-screened, qualified candidates delivered directly to them. This streamlined process allows hiring managers to focus on interviewing the candidates most likely to succeed if hired, further reducing risks. Using an agency’s recruiting expertise in this way takes the workload off internal teams and improves the quality of hires that are ultimately made.


Partnering with a high volume staffing service can be highly beneficial for businesses that need to fill numerous vacancies quickly. Agencies are equipped to efficiently source, screen and place large pools of candidates. This streamline hiring and frees up internal resources. Businesses also gain access to a wider talent pool, market data insights, and reduced risks when using high volume staffing services. For the right situations, leveraging such an agency’s specialized capabilities and resources can be a smart strategy for expediting mass hiring needs.