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ParentPay – A Secure and Convenient Way to Pay For School

ParentPay is a secure cashless system designed to assist parents with paying for school meals, trips, clubs and uniforms. Parents can pay with either their debit/credit card, or top up their Parent Account both online and at PayPoint locations.

Parents can help recoup credit on their account when it dwindles down to low levels.

Easy to use

ParentPay Login provides parents with a safe and simple method for paying school meals, trips and activities. Parents can track payment histories as well as automate regular expenses with ease using this service – helping reduce cash or cheque losses or theft at school.

Parents can make payments using their debit or credit cards online anytime, 24 hours a day. Our system uses industry leading technology to protect card details. Furthermore, communication between parent and bank is encrypted to prevent anyone else from accessing those details.

Parents will receive a ParentPay login and password from their school in a letter, so they can use this account to pay for school meals, trips and music tuition at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy and other Brighton & Hove schools. A plastic card will also be given so they can make cash payments at local PayPoint stores.


ParentPay allows parents to quickly and efficiently make payments without sending cash or checks into school, thus eliminating any risk of lost or stolen payments and saving valuable administrative time for staff. Furthermore, their system complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Parents can use ParentPay to pay online for meals, trips, uniforms and more – anytime of day or night! With technology meeting the highest Internet security standards available.

Parents registering their children will receive an activation username and password they can change after registration; those details will also be included in an activation letter. If you have multiple children at our School (or other ParentPay schools), or multiple logins across different schools, all accounts can be linked together so as to form one single login for all of them.

Easy to manage

ParentPay allows schools to offer parents a convenient and safe method for paying school meals, trips, activities and uniforms without cash handling issues or debt management worries. Furthermore, ParentPay reduces cash handling at schools while improving debt management.

Parents can pay online using credit or debit card, bank transfer, email/SMS reminders about payments due or insufficient funds. Parents can also track payment histories and create automatic payments for recurring expenses.

Meal Manager provides schools with a tool for effectively communicating accurate allergy information to parents and limiting menu options for at-risk pupils. It can be integrated with schools’ management information systems (MIS) in order to increase efficiency and decrease food waste; real-time reports also save both time and money for schools using it, which has already been adopted by over 11,000 schools and 3 million parents throughout the UK.

Cashless payments

Cashless payment systems make life simpler for parents who must cover meals, trips, uniforms and other school items for their students. Plus, schools save time by not needing to count money – plus parents receive automated email and SMS alerts when student accounts become low or payments have been missed!

An effective cashless payments solution should be simple to use and have wide parental engagement, offering multiple payment options and meeting high security standards online. Furthermore, it should help reduce cash handling and banking fees, and accurately record every payment transaction.

Make the process of becoming a cashless school easier for parents by offering multiple methods of payment, increasing participation. Flyers, emails and social media announcements of your online payment system could also encourage more parents to take part.