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Manga 18

Manga18fx was created specifically to meet the needs of manga fans. Offering only premium manga at no cost online, its range covers every age and gender imaginable from golf and food manga to superheroes, action stories and true crime. No matter your interest there will surely be something here that you will enjoy reading!

Premium titles provide access to their first few chapters free, but additional reading requires you to earn tokens. They offer an impressive collection of top manhwa plots.

1st Kiss Manga

1st Kiss Manga is one of the fastest-growing websites available to consumers, boasting an intuitive user experience with plenty of options to meet everyone’s needs. Furthermore, they allow viewers to save comics offline for viewing later – perfect for mobile users without access to data networks or who cannot afford more expensive internet service providers.

On the right side of the page is a substantial genre column, featuring genres like ecchi, yaoi manga, furry and shounen as well as romance titles from Onee-shota (older sister types pursuing young boys) rom-coms to mature ones that cross generations.

Downloading MangaXplore for free and visiting its website with no repeating ads or bugs makes this an excellent way to explore manga on your own time! It provides a great alternative for those who enjoy reading manga in their spare time.

1st Kiss Comics

Skymanga is the preferred manga reading website of many comic fans. Boasting an expansive library, wide array of categories, and mobile viewing optimized for maximum convenience – Skymanga also features several features to ensure comfortable reading with minimum eye strain for readers.

First Kiss (Kit and Tully) is an unforgettable blend of music, love, and Celtic mythology, perfectly captured by author Mocha Von Bee in 1990s Irish small towns. Tully works at a video rental store while Kit has aspirations to be a musician – details which makes the story both entertaining and meaningful to read about!

This site’s extensive selection of titles are divided into various genres, from drama and horror, to romance with large, beautiful panels that make you gasp loudly. Its user interface is straightforward, while they frequently update their manga offerings.


Tapas is a webcomic platform that enables readers to read a selection of webcomics on their mobile device, from manga and comics by independent authors to those by popular artists – making this an excellent way to discover new stories!

Tapas is an award-winning digital publishing platform with an active community of readers and creators, featuring webcomics, manga and manhwa from an array of genres that span an impressive spectrum. Most series can be read free while premium episodes may require drops of Tapas Ink for unlocking.

Readers can take advantage of these drops to access premium content and support creators, while earning Tapas Ink by viewing ads on the platform.


Tappytoon is an online site offering high-quality manga prints at no cost, accessible from any computer or mobile device. It hosts a massive selection of comics and novels and updates frequently with new material; additionally it supports multiple languages while being safe, enterprise-grade environment.

The website’s vast internet content collection is organized into genre and trending categories to make finding Manga suitable to your tastes easy. From jump-scare horror to heartwarming romance panels, you can find what you’re looking for quickly here. Sensitive manga content comes complete with warnings and age restrictions so only users of legal age may view it.

The site also provides a history section, which lets you keep an overview of which comics you have read without worry of ads interfering. It’s an easy and convenient way to stay current with your favorite series without interrupting reading time with ads!

Manga Unlimited

Manga fans have many ways to stay current on their favorite manga, some free and others requiring subscription fees. Here are a few of the best ones:

One of the more popular manga services is comiXology. With its large catalog and instant upload of new chapters as they’re released in Japan, as well as customizable library features and offline reading mode capabilities comiXology is fast becoming a go-to service for manga fans around the world.

Crunchyroll offers an expansive collection of manga for just one monthly fee. Their impressive roster includes major titles like Yuri on Ice and Fire Force; as well as numerous anime series like Beck about an aspiring rock guitarist who falls for his unassuming girlfriend with musical references and cameos throughout its narrative.