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Egg Recipes

Are you passing a very busy moment? Lack time to prepare a healthy breakfast in the morning? Regularly confused what to prepare in the morning for breakfast? Please do not get panicked. There are lots of usual food ingredients that could be used for breakfast. You just need to concentrate on the ingredients. They are very common.

Eggs are available across the globe. You can prepare numerous dishes using the eggs. Do not think that the dishes will be distasteful. Rather the egg made dishes are delicious if you could prepare them well and will also not get bored of them. Besides, the preparation time is less and thus saves your time in the morning when you are in a huge rush to start for your respective workstations.

French Toasts

French toasts are the easiest way to have a healthy breakfast. You can make it easily and also consumes less time.


You can make French toasts in the morning very easily. The ingredients you will need are –

Eggs – 2 pieces (large size)

Bread – five or six pieces

Butter – one cup

Sugar – 2 spoons

Milk – one cup


At first pour the milk on bowl and add sugar with milk. Then break the eggs and add them on the mixture. Now, nudge them very well. Pour two spoons of butter on the frying pan. Take the bread slices one after another and apply the mixture on both sides of the slices. Now place two of the slices on the frying pan. Wait for around two minutes. By this way, fry all the bread slices.

Your French toasts are done.

If you want to have a spicy toast, you can add onions and green chilies on the first mixture instead of milk and sugar.

In that case, you are to blend the eggs with onion slices and green chilies together. Nudge the ingredients together. Then apply the mixture on both sides of the breads. Frying the breads with oils is preferable here.