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Confession room! A place to speak

Bigg Boss is full of surprises and lots of secrets. Living with friendly or unwanted people can make things difficult for everyone. That is why Bigg Boss reality show always have a confession room in the house.

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Yes! A safe room to talk to Bigg Boss directly or to confess anything.

But most of the times this room is used when bug boss wants to confront someone.

Bigg Boss 16 online is not just a show but a whole different world where drama and jealousy can even ruin someone’s reputation but that is the whole point.

Willingly becoming a part of a show where everything is at risk and if you pass the test, you are going to get everything.

This show is a giant maze for the contestant. The more they think we are settled in the house, more they get troubled.

There is no targeting in the house but the personal rivalries can take it to the next level. Here things get the worse shape even for the personal relations as well that is why confession room is made for the housemates.

All of the players are always being watched but that is not all.

Teaming up and showing the strength is important.

This season not only make celebrities but also help people to evolve their personalities.

A chance to get better by living your few months with strangers and getting a chance to understand the world with a new angle.

Trouble makers understands that there are consequences to everything the come up with.

You may say a training of all and entertainment to all!

This is the ultimate way to enjoy a reality show!

Eat, sleep and spend your days together.

And here is the chance for next list of celebrities in the name of Bigg Boss 16.